If you have a group that would like to join the project please email Chris at info@sleepyhollow2011.com.
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Participating Groups

There are currently four groups in The Ride Across America:

The Post-Meridian Radio Players
Based in Somerville, Massachusetts

PMRP has been performing live and studio radio dramas since 2005.  PMRP has done everything from comedy (Red Shift: Interplanetary Do-Gooder, Frank Cyrano's Byfar Hour) to Scifi (The War of the Worlds) to Horror (The Monkey's Paw, Sirens of War).
Currently in production are The Mask of Inanna and The Big Broadcast Halloween shows.
PMRP will be performing a traditional adaptation of Sleepy Hollow written by Roy Sallows (But Oh, What Happened to Hutchings?).
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The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
Based in Atlanta, Georgia
The ARTC has been bringing quality audio drama to listeners around the world since 1984.  Join us in our celebration of the imagination as we preserve this vital, vibrant art form.  Come discover that There is Adventure in Sound!
ARTC will bring you an original retelling with a Southern flavor.
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The Ancient Radio Players
Based in Ada, Oklahoma
The ARP has been around since 1999 performing both studio and live performances.  ARP has done work in several genres including comedy (The Okie Red Dust Review), horror (The Dark Sanctuary series) and adventure (The Mystery, Incorporated series) 
ARP will be performing a late 19th Century version of the tale.
More information about this show is here!

Seattle Radio Theatre 
Based in Seattle, Washington
SRT has been performing live radio dramas since 2000.  They have performed Christmas shows such as It's a Wonderful Life and have recently expanded to Halloween with Dracula in 2010. 
SRT will be performing a modern take on the tale at the Seattle Town Hall.
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